About Us

TopBodyArmor.com strives to be the #1 source for Bullet Proof Vest, Tactical Body Armor and Bullet Proof Inserts in the world. We continue this pursuit by:

  • Following strict quality control guidelines
  • Providing Fast and Satisfactory delivery to all customers
  • Communicating directly with customers concerning current and future orders
  • Manufacturing all of our products in the USA
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Over the years, our client base has expanded. We started selling direct to consumers; now, over 75% of our business transactions are direct with the US Federal Government. Specifically, we have past experience working on contracts with the US Department of Defense and the US Department of State.

Working with the federal government has helped us increase our quality control, product knowledge, and professionalism.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products.

TopBodyArmor.com is owned by Bullet Proof Armor LLC, a Texas-based company.